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Support and guidance for services in the Education sector

Established in 2015, SOLVE Consult gathers practitioners with more than 20 years of combined experience to guide and support individuals, groups and services in the education sector. Where intervention and thought leadership skills are required, we will be there to provide the opportunities for Pasifika Early Childhood Education services to engage with us.

We have developed some very important partnerships over the years to support the work we do with Pasifika Early Childhood services. Beginning in 2015, we have formed collaborative relationships with CORE Education, VicLink Victoria University and ACE Aotearoa. Through these unique relationships, we commit to working together to implement plans and services in ways that builds and sustains the capability of Pasifika Early Childhood services. We value these relationships as community partners. Our key goal, is to focus on solutions that not only improve the tools available to all Pasifika Early Childhood services, but with our support and guidance, we also aim to lift performance and compliance, by working ‘hand in hand’ with each Pasifika Early Childhood service to achieve their own aspirations. This is why our service and ongoing commitment is important. We love the feeling of working in partnership to achieve great results!

By giving advice and sharing information, we have the wellbeing of children and the communities we serve at the heart of all our work.


We work with Pasifika Early Childhood Education services across New Zealand. To achieve our goals, we follow a 4-step strategy:

Step 1: Quantitative Research

We collate all Education Review Office reports and Ministry of Education data to develop a matrix identifying key Pasifika Early Childhood services demonstrating at-risk characteristics and those in need of high-level strengthening, support, guidance and follow-up.

Step 2: Confirm Action List

We will focus on Ministry of Education-funded Pasifika Early Childhood services that require strengthening, follow-up, support and guidance. All engagement processes will be culturally appropriate and will incorporate a “hand-in-hand” approach to build trust and grow relationships. An action plan will be confirmed for the next step of the project.

Step 3: Qualitative Research

By using cultural intelligence and appropriate cultural protocols, we will undertake face-to-face engagement with Pasifika Early Childhood services to resolve the issues hindering performance (as required by the Ministry of Education, Education Review Office, professional development and leadership support).

Step 4: Risk Management

By using risk management tools we have developed, we will identify Pasifika Early Childhood services that will be assessed against Early Childhood Education regulations criteria. We will identify key areas where specific Pasifika Early Childhood services are underperforming, as well as areas where strengthening is necessary to reach full and sustained compliance.


Cultural Intelligence

We work closely with Pasifika services across New Zealand and have a deep understanding of the organisation’s cultural intelligence and protocols. Our passion for providing quality educational support and guidance is driven by our own thirst for cultural competence, knowledge and excellence.


Let’s turn things around.

Allow us to find ways to improve your service, performance and compliance.

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Main office: +64 21 799 133
Enquiries: info@solve.org.nz

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